You guide an exploratory spoon through the warm, yielding crust. You pause to luxuriate in the zephyr of rich aroma winding upwards to tease your nostrils. You extract the spoon slowly, its bowl overflowing with dark, molten wickedness.

Few adventures coalesce the senses like the perfect desert.  I hope to stimulate your mind with the intensity of a chocolate lava cake, challenging you to appreciate both its reassuring warmth and its bitter edge.

So grab a bevvy of choice and join me as I reflect on the intricacies of contemporary urban life. Let these tasty morsels be a springboard for your own adventures in conversation, with the world and those with whom you share it.

Chris Pye’s writing credits include course materials for London’s George Williams College, articles in the Australian Drama in Education Magazine (ADEM) and a regular ‘Relationships’ column in QNews Magazine, Brisbane. He is also an Australian Songwriter’s Association (ASA) award-winning songwriter.

Chris grew up partly in England and partly on a small sailboat, travelling the world. He jumped ship at seventeen to become a theatre student in New York City. He has worked as a deckhand, actor, singer, youth worker, diversity manager, and relationship counsellor.

Today Chris shares a home in the burbs of Brisbane, Australia with his husband, two boys and a lazy greyhound called Senja.