Take a Bite

You guide an exploratory spoon through the warm, yielding crust of the chocolate lava cake, through to its forbidden depths. You pause for a moment to luxuriate in the zephyr of rich aroma winding upwards to tease your nostrils. You extract the spoon slowly, its bowl overflowing with hot, dark, molten wickedness.

image: foodfaithfitness.com

Few adventures coalesce the senses quite like the perfect desert. With Chocolate Cake for the Brain, I want to stimulate and excite your mind with the intensity of a chocolate lava cake, challenging you to appreciate its bitter edge as much as its reassuring smoothness.

So why not grab a hot bevvy of choice, put your feet up and join me in a playful examination of the intricacies of contemporary urban life. Let these bite-sized morsels be the springboard for your own adventures in conversation, with the world and those with whom you share it, towards a more conscious life.

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